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Mirror illusions make me happy

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Mirror mirror on the wall, do I look fat in this?

Glasses and mirrors

Sometimes, mirrors should be saved from horrible questions like that. But only save the good mirrors! The lying ones are the concave and convex ones that distorts you and could almost send you over the cliff without that slight push!

Look at that picture that i took. A great example on how mirrors are used for good! Well, more good than bad. The good is that you create the illusion of having more than you have, and the bad is when reality hits you hard in the face. But, whatever it is, it still makes me happy to see more than I do! Maybe I should scatter lollies and marshmallows in there then! Mmm… marshmallows…

(I can picture my doctor shaking his head just as I typed that)

Use more mirrors at home! How? Well, if you place them in your home strategically, you will be able to create the illusion of an airy large living space instead of that small area. All the things that you love in that room will be doubled!

Look at some of these gorgeous homes with gorgeous homeware and kitchenware. Look how wonderful they look through the mirror!

Mirrors and illusions 1Mirrors and illusions 2Mirrors and illusions 3Mirrors and illusions 4

Imagine doubling your gorgeous tableware! How could that not make you happy?

Shhh… it’s our little secret!


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