Homeware Secrets. Shhh... it's our little secret! About Us BannerNope, we are not another shop selling “home things”! 

At Homeware Secrets, we aim to uncover the deepest secrets to quality homeware.


Homeware Secrets had its humble beginning trading as KitchenSecret.com.au back in 2013 focusing on Luminarc, a popular French tableware brand. KitchenSecret.com.au rebranded to Homeware Secrets in 2016, opening its doors to a wider market and is proud to bring you a variety of home items including tableware, kitchenware and dinnerware that you will absolutely love. Recently, we discovered the love and admiration for Japanese chopsticks and are determined to bring these beauties into Australian homes, so we have sourced them directly from quality manufacturers in Japan.

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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How rude of me not to introduce myself! Hi, my name is Andre. How are you? My team and I are determined to be on the constant search for products that you will love to bring into your home, just like how we love bringing them to you.

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