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Launched in 1948 and made in France, Luminarc has become the number one European brand of tableware and is famous world-wide.


   Luminarc designs are inspired by nature.
   Luminarc plates, cups, glasses and bowls not only

   bring quality, but also beauty to any table.


   Luminarc is a brand of tableware that creates a
   unique atmosphere for every mealtime.
   Offering a wide variety of collections, the right set can
   always be found, whether for a casual dinner with
   friends, a romantic dinner for two, or a family gathering.
logotypes tempered glass

Tempered glass

Glass used for Luminarc is subjected to a unique tempering process that makes Luminarc products much more resistant to thermal changes than most other brands. This results in minimal amount of breakage.

logotypes tempered glass


Zenix®, a new innovative material combining beauty and durability for tableware: high shock resistance, high scratch resistance and perfect finish. These qualities make it an ideal material for the dinnerware we use everyday.

logotypes tempered glass


A new collection of glassware, decorated with organic inks which do not contain any heavy metal. No lead or cadmium, the Color Vibrance palette totally respects your health and meals. Intense colors, high definition decorations…