» » The New Black – Spice Up Your Tableware with Stunning Wooden Serving Boards

The New Black – Spice Up Your Tableware with Stunning Wooden Serving Boards

Let’s face it: platters are, like, totes last Thursday! Ok, maybe reports of the untimely demise of serving platters are somewhat premature. Nevertheless, when it comes to entertaining in our homes, we all want to create the look that will complement the sumptuous fare and stimulating company.

The market is awash with serving ware of every shape, size and colour. There is no shortage of beautiful options to grace your table with style. What if we could change the paradigm? What if you could use a regular kitchen item to make that dish you slaved over, look truly remarkable?

Enter Wooden Serving Boardswooden serving boards

No longer just for cheese and crackers! Stunning wooden serving boards have become quite the rage for their versatility, durability and earthy, rustic look and feel. Whether it’s the grain of the wood, the natural colours or rich textures, there is something so vibrant and appealing about wood that makes beautiful food come alive. Best of all, wood is a natural material. Every board has a unique look based on the tone, grain and feel of the wood used, which gives it an endearing, organic charm.

Ready for Anything

One of the beauties of wood is that it is so incredibly versatile. It’s like that trusty black skirt in your wardrobe: you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. In our home, we regularly serve sushi on our gorgeous Chef Inox Wooden Serving Boards. The wood acts as a neutral palette upon which the sharp colour contrasts of the white rice, bright red ginger and deep and light greens of nori and wasabi come alive.

On other occasions, we serve a whole roast on one of our darker boards. This allows the wood to double as a chopping board as we carve the meat right there at the table for a tactile dining experience. Surround the roast with some delicious roast potatoes, yam and carrots, and you have a magnificent feast for the eyes, as well as the tastebuds. Whatever you’re serving, use your imagination to turn your food into art.

serving boards woodenWoodn’t You Know?

There are many advantages to wood, aside from the aesthetic look and feel. First of all, wood is easy to clean and surprisingly hygienic. Wood is naturally resistant to bacteria, which makes them a healthier option compared to other materials. Secondly, good quality hardwoods are naturally resistant to scarring. This helps the boards to stay visually fresh and free of notches in which bacteria could breed. If you’re looking to preserve the sharpness of your knives, wood is without a doubt the way to go. It won’t dull your blades like plastic or stone surfaces.

Chef Inox Wooden Serving Boards

Homeware Secrets is proud to carry the truly stunning Chef Inox range of boards. Chef Inox boards use impeccable quality mango wood. Mango is comparable in hardness to cherry or ash and can have either straight or interlocking, curly grains that are prized by furniture makers worldwide. Chef Inox mango wood is sustainably harvested from mango trees once their productive life as fruit bearers has ended.

Mango trees mature relatively quickly and are therefore a sustainable source, which ensures that the wood is put to an ecologically responsible use. Our boards come in a variety of colours, depending on the part of the tree from which they originate. Choose from boards with or without handles in several appealing, practical shapes and sizes to find the right option for your table.

We absolutely love our Chef Inox boards. They make every meal an experience, and we know that they will do the same for you.

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