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Glorious Gifts – 5 Great Gifts to Buy for the Person Who Has Everything

great_homeware_gifts I got off the phone with Sherrie and swore.

“What’s wrong?” my wife asked.

“Sherrie and Dan have invited us to their combined birthday extravaganza again,” I responded with unconcealed revulsion.

“Aw, bugger. Now we have to spend the next fortnight to trying to figure out what to buy them. Can’t they just fly themselves off to Queensland for a change and give us all a bloody break?” I was at least somewhat gratified that my wife’s ire had risen to the same level as mine.

Sherrie and Dan are one of those disgusting couples that we all love to hate. Both are ridiculously good looking, fit and intelligent. They have fantastic jobs that pay extremely well and as a result are fabulously well off. They both drive fancy cars, are always dressed immaculately in the most fashionable clothing, as are their two equally beautiful, perversely talented children.

Sherrie and Dan’s birthdays are only three days apart, and they have the most annoying habit of throwing hugely lavish parties for themselves every year. Of course, that means weeks of stressing out over what to get them as a gift. Most people in their tax bracket have everything that could possibly need and want. Sherrie and Dan are certainly no exceptions. Minimalist living is not for them. They prefer rampant consumerism and given their means; this makes buying something that they don’t already have an annual, excruciating challenge.

We all know one, don’t we? That woman, man or couple that are infuriatingly impossible to buy gifts for, because their lives are so replete with every imaginable household item, trinket and chachki. To help you through these tough times, we’ve come up with a list of some delightful and somewhat surprising ideas that may just get you out of your tight spot.

The Designer Toilet BrushWesco Retro Toilet Brush

Genius! Nobody else is going to think to get them a toilet brush (unless they’ve read this before you), so at the very least you will have novelty value. Ok, I can feel that you’re less than impressed by this suggestion. After all, it’s hardly a glamorous item, and you might be ridiculed. However, before you scoff and close your browser, you might want to take a look at these stylish, tasteful, attractive toilet brushes that will really make a statement. Cleaning the bowl has NEVER looked this good!

The Tasteful Taco Holder

Chances are that your spoiled friends won’t know that such a thing as a beautiful taco holder exists, let alone own any. However, if you think about it, it’s a great idea. Everyone loves tacos, but we don’t always like the mess that comes with it. A taco holder not only looks great but will help keep your table a little tidier.

The Smooth Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

There’s nothing better than sitting down to a beautiful meal at an Italian restaurant that starts off with some divine, crusty bread dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar. Few people would think to get themselves one of those handy oil and vinegar dispensers so they can recreate the experience at home.

Tipping the Scales

Anyone who spends significant time in the kitchen will know the value of a good set of scales. Especially for the budding bakers, precision is the key and getting the weights and measures right will make all the difference. Sure scales are a functional item, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. A set of stunning, funky, retro style kitchen scales might be just the thing for that budding baker friend.

Serving Up Quality

Rustic looking serving boards have recently become all the rage. Just like a chopping board, but intended as a replacement for a serving dish or tray, a gorgeous wooden serving board will add texture and a touch of provincial flare to any table. It’s not something that everyone would have, but probably something that anyone would love.


We hope this has helped you with your First World dilemma. For more interesting and unique gift ideas, browse our website. Good luck!

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