» » Fusing cutlery… when is it enough?

Fusing cutlery… when is it enough?

Kung Foon

Fusing cutlery, making hybrids

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce something that I found that is absolutely outrageous and above ridiculous… This is the Kung Foon. Yes, Kung Foon. Really. It’s called Kung Foon.

Let’s be honest. How would you impress anyone if you take this out from your backpack and start using the chopsticks component? Some may say this is a good idea, but personally, it looks hideous. I don’t like the way the chopsticks stabs the arse of the spork, which is already a spoon-fork fusion. It doesn’t even look stable, and why would anyone shove full length chopsticks into their bags? Someone should add a straw to the mix!

Why the name Kung Foon? The name mocks the Chinese, so they can use this object in the kung fu movies as a new prop to start an epic battle?

Just sticking cutlery together does not mean multi-functional!

On the other hand… there is something wonderful about fusing chopsticks with other instruments to come out with such beautiful sounds!

While on the topic of chopsticks. Have you seen the Japanese chopsticks that we have in store? They are beautiful!

Shhh… it’s our little secret!

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