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Wesco Bins and Other Adventures in Modern-Retro Homewares

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wesco homewaresI barely noticed the majestic spruce and beech blurring past as I sped, completely lost, down the motorway, through the intensely green, rolling hills of North West Germany’s Sauerland region. In the course of trying to drive myself from Dusseldorf to Hanover with only a German map for company, I had inadvertently zigged when I should have zagged. I now found myself disturbingly off the familiar comfort of the Autobahn and zooming along less well-travelled roads in my rented, white BMW.

I knew I was going in vaguely the right direction. However, my inability to firmly grasp precisely where I was offended my slightly OCD sensibilities. 


Driven By Hunger

Retro HomewaresI was awoken from my meandering panic by the grumbling of my long-neglected stomach. I’d skipped breakfast and forgotten to pack a snack, so the protestations were understandably urgent. I decided to cut myself some slack and look for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Before long, I was greeted by the welcome site of the familiar blue and white square sign with crossed knife and fork that indicated that a restaurant was approaching. I almost missed the accompanying, somewhat smaller brown sign that alerted me to a nearby tourist attraction. It read “Villa Wesco”.

A few moments later I drove up to an imposing white country manor house. As it turned out, the restaurant and tourist attraction were the same thing. On further inspection, Villa Wesco is a rather elaborate showroom and outlet for the popular Wesco brand of German homewares. My interest piqued, but first to deal with my grumbling stomach. I wandered into the adjoining Da Vinci restaurant where I thoroughly enjoyed a delightful salmon tagliatelle in creamy tomato sauce. Tummy now happy. I then ventured over to the 19th-century manor to see what this Wesco fuss was all about.

Homeware Heaven

Wesco Modern HomewaresWhat I found inside made a truly lasting impression on me. The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was a bright red, retro-style style rubbish bin in the shape of a rocket. It was my first encounter with Wesco Bins I was pretty much hooked from there. I’d never given terribly much thought to homewares before. To me, they were simply functional items that served their domestic purpose and very little else. Sure, I realised that mundane items such as rubbish bins, fruit bowls, storage containers, bathroom accessories, kitchen scales and the like could look presentable. I’d never really considered that they could be a centrepiece of a home’s décor.


Wesco Bin Spaceboy



Wesco products are unmistakable for their whimsical blend of retro and modern feel. A fine balance that few other brands can pull off with such dexterity. The look is characterised by bright, warm, colours, clean lines and just the right hint of attitude to give your home the dose of character that you need to stand out from the crowd. The cheeky designs offer a little bit of fun, while German quality and precision mean that you can rely on your products to work for you for years.

Fast-forward a few years, and here I am writing about Wesco products for Homeware Secrets. Our wide range of stunning Wesco home and kitchenwares will have something for everyone. Our convenient online store and fast delivery will have your home looking wonderful, at a price that you can afford.

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