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Rebrand to bring more life into your home

In this blog post today, we thought we should let everyone know the reason behind our rebrand of kitchensecret.com.au to Homeware Secrets, and also the direction that we are heading with it.

Kitchensecret.com.au was heavily focused on French dinnerware and have been doing well with Luminarc with a few other supplementary brands. We would like to thank everyone who has found us and brightened their table tops with the bright and lively colours! We realised that we were really only selling within a niche market. Since we were always interested in tableware and kitchenware that are exciting and different, we decided that Homeware Secrets should be born. We wanted to open ourselves up to a larger market and take special and beautiful tableware and homeware into the homes of everyday people like you and us. To be brutally honest, we don’t have to spend top dollar for quality good looking products to enjoy the food that we place into them.

We are also crazy in love with Japanese chopsticks and we are on a mission to bring good quality Japanese chopsticks to you made from Japan. Japan is where we source them and bringing them in from the manufacturers in Japan. We will never take the easy way out and source for chopsticks made outside of Japan. We are looking forward to growing this area and enlighten everyone with the beauty of these eating tools! Through this rebrand, we are certain that you will be adoring these beauties like we have been!

There many eco-friendly tableware out there but not many knows about them, and we will try our best to bring them in. Currently we have Impact Eco Tableware (made from sustainable bamboo) that has cool colours and even the patterned range! Be sure to check them out!


Shhh… it’s our little secret!
Impact Eco Tableware sea stone setting
Impact Eco Tableware Sea and Stone setting

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