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Plate flipping should be an Olympic sport

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What nonsense am I talking about?

I have a habit of going into restaurants and feeling up their cool tableware. It is easy to get away with manhandling cutlery and glasses, but for crockery, it takes a higher level of skills. I like admiring good looking plates and bowls and love flipping them over or lifting them above my head to take a look at where they are from. It is vital that I know where they are from so I can research on them.

I do go to a fair number of restaurants (and many with cool tableware too) and it means that I do quite a bit of ‘plate flipping’. There are many tableware that are not readily available in shops so when I see them, I have to know where they come from. Sometimes I would even ask the wait staff where they get their crockery from!

I am still trying to be subtle in examining tableware at restaurants. It is a bit challenging when there is food on them and I usually can’t wait to get to the end so I can see what name is printed or embossed underneath.

Are you a plate flipper too?


Shhh… it’s our little secret!

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