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Caring for your new ceramic tableware will require some extra LOVE from you.


While Santo Alessi does everything they can to make the each plate strong, it is a ceramic plate and is softer than porcelain.

  • When scraping plates down don’t tap them on the edge of the bench to remove excess food. This will cause the plates to chip.
  • This hand crafted ceramic is dishwasher and microwave safe. It can be used in a warm oven. It is recommended to use eco-safe, non-harsh detergents.
  • Large stacks of plates, etc. can be heavy. It is better to store those, and less frequently used pieces with felt or fabric between them.
  • For clean-up which occasionally needs something stronger than a sponge, always use a plastic scrubby. Some grades of stainless steel and aluminium can leave metal marks on Santo Alessi dinnerware. This is not a flaw, the surface of the pottery is harder than the metal used on it.

Note: As with all ceramic cookware sudden temperature changes must be avoided to ensure thermal shock does not crack the item.  Never subject Santo Alessi items to a direct flame or hot plate. Avoid taking your Santo Alessi item from the fridge and placing directly in a hot oven, it is best to start with a cold oven and heat gradually. When taking your Santo Alessi item from the oven do not place on a cold surface, place on a cork mat or dry tea towel. Never fill a hot dish with cold water.